Tintin au Pays des Claviers cheaps

Tintin au Pays des Claviers Cheaps

Tu vas me manquer, Das Keyboard II :(

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Parsing the Windows sfc log from unix

Just a quick line to mention that the Windows System File Checker tool produces logs that are nearly unreadable, and a pain to parse.

A friend of mine had some system files that did not check out, and could not be repaired. After confirming we both ran the same version down to the same patchlevel of Windows 7, he asked if I could send the original files his way, providing me only with the output of

findstr /C:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >sfcdetails.txt

Of course, I indulged.

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Version Control: Hey what’s that sound…?

Hey what’s that sound…?

Is that the sound of me never having to use git ever again?

$ hg push git+ssh://git@github.com:mrdaemon/vimconfigs.git
pushing to git+ssh://git@github.com:mrdaemon/vimconfigs.git
importing Hg objects into Git
creating and sending data

Why yes I think it is! I mean, I do like git, and think it is a great vcs, but personally, I prefer Mercurial by a long shot. And, well, since it’s possible to flawlessly push and pull from and to git repositories from Mercurial, I can now operate from the comfort of my favourite version control system. Awesome. Also, bookmarks get converted to git branches, and vice versa. It really is flawless. Feel free to check out my vim config, too.

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Shameless Plug: underwares.org

I just made a new website, mostly for fun.

See it here: http://www.underwares.org

I finally decided to fill the void of my primary domain with something. This website will act some kind of hub between all the services I run and provide, and the bits of code and knowledge I wish to distribute, regardless of their target audience being extremely limited. I hope that eventually this can bloom into a google-friendly place where one might find something of  use, or adopt a piece of code I have written.

Since I run quite a bit of services and the amount of people requiring stability, status updates regarding maintenance and documentation specifying how to access them has increased tenfold over the last three years, I thought I could make this site fill that requirement as well, somehow.

In a rather comical display of recursion, considering the description on the front page, I think it’s only fitting — and not without a bit of situational irony — for the website itself to have a such an nebulous, ill-defined purpose :)

Either way, feel free to browse and comments are always appreciated.

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Building the MONOCHRON kit

So, a while ago, I took an interest in the MONOCHRON kit from adafruit, which is a lovely, fully hackable, open source clock kit, powered by an Atmega328 MCU. You can get other fun firmwares for it including fun adaptations of Pong and Space Invaders — or simply code your own, if that tickles your fancy.

However to much of my chargin, it was sold out. I clicked the magical button at the bottom of the page to be notified when it would come back in stock, and then promptly forgot about it. There is something magical about ADHD in that sometimes you get small bouts of excitement as you remember something you were yearning for actually exists. It’s like a mini christmas.

Two weeks ago, an e-mail came into my inbox, telling me they were available again, and I was given a top secret link to order it before that fact went public. I clicked on it and was led to a form where I was guided into parting with my hard earned money, filled it, ordered the new kit (which now comes with an xdaliclock-like firmware, and a lovely FTDI controller into which a mini-b USB cable can be fitted), and then — again — promptly forgot about it.

Until it arrived today, that is. I had another mini christmas as I read “Adafruit Industries” off the sender label as the package arrived. I then went off to assemble the kit, a process I thought would probably be blog-worthy.

Read on for pictures and a retelling of the epic adventure, including the part where I did not set fire to my place nor did I release the magic smoke, against all my expectations. I’m not particularily handy with a soldering iron.

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Up yours, Apple!

iPhone OS 4.0 is out, brings a lot of terribly useful features to the table.

However, Apple arbitrarily decided to disable the following features on the older 3G model (which I actually own):

  • Multitasking (this is the big one, most awaited feature)
  • Wallpaper on home screen (why? so it keeps its “depreciated” looks?)
  • Battery percentage (What? Why on earth? — Do note that I haven’t confirmed this one, I was just told it was the case by multiple sources)

This made me cringe. While collections (folders) are actually nice, I don’t need them. But on a lighter note, PwnageTool 4.0 also came out today, and deep within its bowels, if you create a custom image, you have the option of re-enabling those features right back in. So I did.

I am pretty much convinced Apple is not doing this out of concern for performance, but rather, to create an artifical demand for the newer models. Look, I don’t mind if you pump out a new hardware model every 6 months, if it is significantly better than the previous one, people will switch. In fact people will most likely buy anything with an Apple logo on it regardless of its merits. But don’t voluntarily cripple the previous models to force people to upgrade. That’s just fucking greedy. Usually one sells a new product by putting emphasis on its merits, on what it does better — not by preemptively forcing the previous models into obsolescence, even if the new products have very little merit of their own. If that is the case, simply, you know, create a better product.

However, the iPhone 4 is currently getting incredibly good reviews all around. Engadget even goes so far as to call it the cream of the crop:

We’re not going to beat around the bush — in our approximation, the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone on the market right now. The combination of gorgeous new hardware, that amazing display, upgraded cameras, and major improvements to the operating system make this an extremely formidable package.

Granted, Engadget seems to be madly in love with anything Apple, but usually, they are still fair in their reviews and visit both sides of the hyperbole equally, the awesome — and the suck. For them to be so enamored with the new hardware, it must mean it is better, no? That alone should be enough, I think.

Then again, I am probably being incredibly naive. Either way, Apple, I am through with your shanenigans.

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Another day at work

The only thing I hate more than writing with a pen and paper is using visio, hence why I’m kicking it old school for cluster planning.

Hand-written diagrams and planning

Hand-written diagrams and planning

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